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Assisted Living Facilities vary in the scope of care and services offered. Some provide light care while others provide care for those who are bedridden or who need help with eating. It often depends on the facilities licensing. An Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is designed and licensed to provide the appropriate level of assistance with Activities of Daily Living. In order to be admitted into a facility, there is a registration process which might vary depending on the actual facility preferences. It is important to research the facility to learn what they are licensed to offer, and what their registration process entails.

A well planned and executed move-in process is the first critical step in establishing a respectful and informed relationship with the resident; his/her loved ones and the management of the ALF.

old people doing thumbs upThe first step in the admission process is to determine whether your loved could be a “candidate” for a facility. To qualify as a candidate it means that the facility must be able to provide to your loved one the assistance he/she needs with activities of daily living. To determine this eligibility, there is a physical assessment and an evaluation by a healthcare practitioner (possibly the candidate’s physician) to determine actual medical condition. Once that is performed there will also be an evaluation of the needs for assistance in the activities of daily living. When the two evaluations are completed, the facility manager and a health care professional will determine if your loved one is a candidate for the facility.

During the registration process the needs of the candidate will be determine i.e. clinical needs, meal preferences, laundry preferences, etc. A Resident Agreement must be completed and signed by both parties. It should spell out the level of care agreed to, fees associated with the level of care, the services which would be provided, the services which would not be covered in the fee associated with the stay; the facility’s admission and discharge procedures, security provisions, complaint and grievance procedures and miscellaneous provisions. The Resident Agreement must be completed before your loved one moves into the facility. It is critical that everyone understands the costs associated with the arrangement.

The resident/responsible party signing the Resident Agreement will be taking responsibility for the financial costs associated with the arrangement. The facility may require a financial statement to show the capability to reimburse the facility for its services. The costs the facility charges covers room and board, meals, laundry services, housekeeping, as well as the basis services for assistance with the activities of daily living. It is important that the candidate and his/her representative understand what is included in these basic services and what services will be provided at an extra fee.

The activities of Daily Living are those functions or tasks for self care which are performed either independently or with supervision or assistance. The actual activities include but are not limited to assistance with eating; bathing; dressing; grooming; moving from a chair to a bed; toileting; moving from one room to another.

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