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Dealing with Dementia: 5 Tips


There are many different ways in which one can deal with someone who has dementia. It may not be the easiest road to take because it may take a lot of you—as a family member, a friend, a lover, a partner.

Dementia is not any specific illness, but it is an umbrella term for a family of symptoms characterized by memory loss or general decline in thinking skills severe enough to impair certain aspects of functioning. You can just imagine how difficult it is for a loved one to carry dementia. This is why they will need you much when they have this.

So what are some tips that Nu-Life Assisted Living, Inc. can give you for dealing with a family member who has dementia?

Here we offer 5 tips:

  1. Always, always, always be patient.

    Things will not be how they used to be around a family member with dementia. They can no longer care for you like they used to. Sometimes, they might even forget simple things like taking a bath. They will need your utmost patience to get them through just one day.

  2. Never raise your voice at them.

    There may be times when transfer of information will be the most frustrating thing to do. There will be many times where your family member with dementia will not understand what you tell them or comprehend the instructions you give them. This may frustrate you to the core, but, along with being patient, you must not raise your voice at them because this will only upset them and possibly worsen their health condition.

  3. Help them in any way you can.

    Again, your loved one will need you most when they have dementia. It is possible they may not remember your name or who you are, but they will always be grateful to you if you help them. So don’t hesitate to assist them when they are changing clothes or preparing a meal for themselves.

  4. Let them have a bit of independence.

    It may sound absurd, especially because people with dementia need a lot of assistance, but allowing them a semblance of independence could help them, too. Let them cook at least one meal for themselves or put on one article of clothing. This could make a whole lot of difference for them.

  5. Ask for help.

    You are not a superhero and no one is asking you to be. It is perfectly okay to ask for help, especially from homecare providers like Nu-Life Assisted Living, Inc., which is an Assisted Living Facility in Silver Spring, Maryland.

With assisted living, one can better understand their loved one with dementia and continue on with work life at peace because Senior Care Services are more than competent enough to provide the care that your loved one needs.

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