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What Makes Assisted Living a Good Choice


Assisted living is for older adults, particularly the elderly, who need assistance with everyday tasks. A relatively new concept 25 years ago, assisted living facilities (ALF) have become a good residential alternative to nursing home care. You get to receive care in a place that feels like home.

With more than 36,000 assisted living facilities all over the country in the service of more than one million seniors, patients, particularly the elderly, trust in the services that these facilities can offer. There is a standard of care that cannot be found elsewhere.

Why is assisted living beneficial? Nu-Life Assisted Living, Inc. explains below:

  1. Assisted living promotes independence.

    Being able to age in a homelike setting allows your loved one to feel independent again because assisted living facilities do not bound you to be or prohibit you from moving about. You get to follow a routine in a safe place.

  2. Assisted living improves a patient’s self-esteem.

    Along with promoting independence, assisted living also helps boost a patient’s self-esteem. They get to see that they are still capable of living a good life despite the health conditions they carry.

  3. Personnel in assisted living treat every patient with dignity and respect.

    In assisted living, each care staff is trained to treat every patient with dignity and respect. They are required to give you or your loved one the most compassionate care there is to give.

  4. Assisted living allows you a sense of self-direction.

    Because you are independent and have a good sense of self-esteem with assisted living, you are also capable of directing your own life despite the great health challenges. You get to direct your own sails.

  5. Assisted living promotes choice.

    Assisted living residents get to choose their facility, the specifications of their own care plan by selecting services, and be greatly involved in their own care plan overall. This way, you get to see how care will play out for you or your loved one.

As an Assisted Living Facility in Silver Spring, Maryland, we also offer Residential Care in Maryland for you and your loved one. With our dedication to compassionate care and treating patients with utmost dignity and respect, you can rest easy with our hands.

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