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Resident Rights: What You Need to Know

 Resident Rights: What You Need to Know

Are you considering about relocating your loved one to a facility providing Residential Care in Maryland? After you have ensured that your beloved is ready for this move, it also helps to know that these facilities respect and recognize the rights of your loved one.

To give you a quick look of these rights, read on:

  • Voluntary Recipient

    Every service provided to assisted living residents need to be relayed to them in an easy-to-understand manner, so that they can respond voluntarily whether they will receive such kind of assistance or not.

  • No Discrimination

    The personal preferences and affiliations of a prospect resident should not hinder them from receiving quality care.

  • Private Communications

    Residents also have the right to consult and communicate privately with their representatives, whether it’s their physician, lawyer, or any other person.

  • Represented Grievances

    When the resident has a legal representative, these persons can air out grievances to the facility in behalf of the resident.

  • Financial Management

    Residents also have the right to handle their own financial issues.

  • Privacy in Receiving Care

    Residents should also be given complete privacy when receiving treatments or personal care.

  • Confidentiality

    Residents have the right to maintain the confidentiality of their personal possessions and other relevant records.

  • Fair Treatment

    Every resident maintains the right to receive care in a respectful and fair manner, even when the care services they need are given on as-needed basis.

  • Send/Receive Messages

    Residents have the right to correspond with any person they want without being interfered or screened by assisted living management.

  • Refuse Coercion

    When residents are offered to do the work of a staff even on contractual basis, they can refuse to accept the task.

  • Security of Property

    Residents should have the security of their personal belongings which they bring with them inside the Assisted Living Facility in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Appropriate Assistance

    Residents have the right to receive adequate form of assistance required for their daily activities and are fully informed of which services are being provided.

  • Signed Version During Accidents

    Their signed version of an accident, whether by experience or being an eyewitness, should be acknowledged and accepted in the event of any accident.

  • Family Visits

    Residents can receive visits from their family members and other people without being interfered by the operators of the facility.

  • Notice of Fee Increase

    When the facility is increasing their charges, the residents also have the right to be given prior notice at least 45 days before the date that the increase takes effect.

  • Resident Responsibility

    In the same manner, residents are expected to obey the facility’s reasonable regulations and at the same time respect the rights of fellow residents.

At Nu-Life Assisted Living, Inc., we do our best that the Senior Care Services you receive always meet the standards and rights that residents deserve. If you would like to know more about our services, we’ll be glad to answer questions for you.

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