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Residents’ Rights: What You Need to Know

 Residents’ Rights: What You Need to Know

As a trusted Assisted Living Facility in Silver Spring, Maryland, we put high regard to the overall well-being and quality life of the residents who stay with us. We recognize that our role as their care providers is mandated by law and that our role is very crucial for the person’s long-term care.

For this, we would like to educate the future resident and their family members of their rights when their loved one is enrolled in our care or in any assisted living facility or long-term care establishment for that matter.

  • Right to Full Information

    Residents have the right to receive full information about the services they will be receiving, the charges of these services, the facility’s rules and regulations, fellow residents they will be staying with, if any, and other important details related to their stay. This information has to be delivered in the resident’s own native language.

  • Right to Complain

    Residents or their family members can complain to the ombudsman program or the state certification agency if they have any grievance against the facility providing Residential Care in Maryland. They should not be afraid to present their complaints, especially of any reprisal.

  • Right to Participate in Your Own Care

    The resident or their loved one on their behalf can access their medical record, know the progress of their condition and well-being, and learn the flow of the resident’s care plans. If you should ever want to refuse a particular treatment recommended to you, you can also do so.

  • Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

    The resident is entitled to their own privacy especially with their medical cases, treatments, personal affairs, financial situations, and even to whom they would want to talk with.

  • Rights During Transfer or Discharge

    When the resident is recommended for discharge or transfer, they should receive a 30-day notice, including information about why they need to move and where. If the resident refuses, they can also appeal to the transfer.

  • Right to Dignity, Respect, and Freedom

    The resident’s basic rights to safety are all incorporated here. They should not be abused in any means including physically, verbally, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Rights to Visits

    The resident can accept every visitor they like and, at the same time, refuse to see one.

  • Right to Make Independent Choices

    Residents can still make choices of their own from what they want to wear up to who gets to manage their finances. If you think you need additional Senior Care Services, the facility should also be able to provide this.

At Nu-Life Assisted Living, Inc., we continue to encourage our residents and their family members to familiarize their rights and to keep check as to whether they have experienced it. In fact, we encourage feedback from you regarding the quality of our services and in what other areas we can still improve. We do love it if you can talk to our caring staff about these matters.

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